This is a sister march to the March for Public Education in Washington DC
Who’s on the Planning Team

We have a team of organizers which include public teachers, private teachers, charter schools, community organizers, non-profits, marketing people and administrators.

The event has four goals:

1. Highlight the San Diego region as a great place for education
2. Get Students excited about education (Be an Education Superhero capes were handed out at the recent STEAM fest)
3. Educate parents about wraparound services and after-school programs available
4. Get teachers engaged with the community


Our children’s education is the single largest opportunity for our country. Access to quality education leads to a stronger community, economy, families, more opportunity, and a better America. We believe education crosses every aisle and our children’s future matters to us all.


Creating an education experience where students are able to discover their passion(s) while learning the skills they need to be productive citizens. Public Schools will be safe, inclusive spaces for learning and critical thinking. Charter and private schools will be held to higher standards and provide transparent metrics of success. As members of the March for Education, we aim to advance internal policy in schools and address issues of: equity, inclusion, accountability, well-funded educational institutions and the right to organize.

Local March and Student Expo Lead

Jabez LeBret | CEO Trial 3D, Chief Strategy Officer Next Ed Research